Sharp LC-80LE757 Smart LED 3D HDTV

Sharp LC-80LE757 80-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV Review
The Sharp AQUOS LC-80LE757U is an ultra-premium LED Smart TV that features Sharp’s exclusive Quattron technology for richer detail and a brighter, more vivid picture. It also includes Sharp’s proprietary Super Bright intelligent contrast engine and a stunning brushed aluminum bezel with diamond-cut edges.

Sharp LC-80LE757 80-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV

A few things first. This set weighs around 100 lbs., white glove delivery consists of unpacking the set to the point where they can plug it in and make sure it is operating properly. You will have to attach the base to the unit, requires only a Phillips screw driver. I strongly suggest two people for the job, we propped the lower edge up with some of the material that the set was packaged with so we could connect the base to the back of the set. It took two of us to get the set on the stand, it is huge, need one person at each end. It comes with two sets of glasses. I thought I was being smart and ordered itreck BDAMS20U because they are around $20 and are described as active 3D glasses for Sharp Aquos models. That is true, except for the new models like this one,they Blue-Tooth technology—big improvement! So do yourself a favor and order the same ones that came with the set—they work! So I screwed up.

I do not have cable or satellite, get all my channels off-air with an antenna and I stream Netflix and Amazon, plenty of choices for us as there are around sixty channels available here in the Phoenix area (agreed, many you probably would never watch) but, there are still great choices available including all of the networks. None of those signals are compressed like some providers do so they can squeeze in more channels, the result is a slightly better picture.

So now we have the TV set up, plugged in, antenna hooked up and ready to go. The first screens are basic set up info, like your time zone, language etc….then, of course, scan for the available digital channels. The picture quality out of the box was excellent, and I will tell you now if you want to tweek, the possibilities seem endless. I did crank up the base and treble a tad, no big deal. The sound compared to our last set, a 60″ Samsung, is way, way better! You can see by the specs that it has a sub-woofer and plenty of power. The color, brightness, intensity, hue, etc., like I said, were terrific just the way it came. It does take a bit of time to become familiar with the controls, the remote it was quite different from our old set—and I am somewhere behind on the learning curve.

Last night, for the first time we used 3D, we fired off IMAX Under The Sea 3D blue-ray,
We had sharks swimming around the Barrier Reef and into our front room….Absolutely fabulous. I have seen 3D at neighbors and at several stores but none, to me, had this depth and clarity. My wife and I were really oohing and awing during the entire picture.

I know there are several reviews with gobs of setting changes, but It appears to me that the picture will never be better than that which is being broadcast and we all have different tastes. I did want to make the point that out of the box you will be impressed….you certainly may want to make a few adjustments but, I really think, for me it’s not too necessary. The “AV Mode” button on the remote will give you presets for movies, classic movies, sports etc. just as you can choose sound for like concert hall, echo, etc…all of which is probably more fun than anything…but it is there!

Well, we have only had this set now for about a week and are still impressed every time we turn it on. Picture is brilliant, colors perfect and the sound excellent. I can’t say enough about this set—-it definitely deserves five stars in my book.

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